Workshops from the inimitable Kirsten Rasmussen!!!

by Andrea on October 15, 2013

We are sooooo excited that our dear friend and darling performer, Kirsten Rasmussen will be opening the OJ GSAC Season of Yuks with us! Kirsten is an award winning comedian currently living in Toronto where she is a member of the Canadian Comedy Award Nominated Sketch Troupe, The Sketchersons, an understudy for the Second City National Touring Company, and a regular player/teacher/director at Bad Dog Theatre. She is also the co-founder of Montreal’s Montreal Improv  and a former senior member of Rapid Fire Theatre in Edmonton (whom we also luuurv). She will be performing her award-winnipeg solo sketch show, Funny Funny Sad, at our November 8th show.


This woman is a character jaggernaut, morphing her body and voice at will to suit her fancy in both improvised and scripted pieces. Do you already want to be as cool and talented as she is? We sure do. Read on for descriptions of the two stellar workshops she’s offering. Both are at Studio 320 at 70 Albert Street, November 9th.


Find the hook into fast character creation for improv by the master of characters, Kirsten Rasmussen. Break down physical and verbal cues, and turn them into hooks so that both you and the audience can identify your characters.  Ground your characters by defining their point of view. And stretch your improv into places you’ve never imagined.

HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER: The Power of Extreme Listening in Improv (2pm)

A fast paced workshop devoted to developing the ability to listen to your scene partner. Being able to see, analyze, mirror and bounce back every single offer of your scene partner, whether it be physical, emotional or factual. For a more pleasing, organic and connected scene that will delight your scene partner and keep your audience at the edge of their seats.

Holy moly! These look amazing! Special Winnipeg prices are $45 per workshop or $80 for both. This is a steal of a deal, friends! Spots are super limited, so please email us at oj.improv@gmail to reserve yours. Also visit Kirsten’s website to learn more about her!


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