Workshop with Edmonton’s Kory Mathewson

by Andrea on March 26, 2014


That’s how you’re going to feel after taking a workshop with Rapid Fire Theatre‘s Kory Mathewson. Not only is Kory a dear friend of OJ’s and a hilarious performer, he’s a wicked instructor.

We can’t WAIT to welcome four top-shelf members of Edmonton’s premier improv company in April for the fourth show in the 2013/2014 OJ GSAC Season of Yuks. Joleen Ballendine, Paul Blinov, Kory Mathewson and Jessie McPhee are going to whip OJ into shape with their hilarious, hard-hitting short-form improv- the world famous Theatresports. You’re going to be so excited after seeing this show that you’ll say to the person next to you- whether you know them or not- “Holy sheesh! I sure would LOVE to learn how to do that!”


On Sunday, April 20 from 1pm-4pm, Kory is offering a one-time crash course on Theatresports. More of a long-form type of improviser? It doesn’t matter. The hot skillz Kory will teach you are essential to all improv, regardless of form. It’s $50. It’s Easter Sunday. It’s 4:20.


Spots are limited, friends, so book quickly by emailing us at You don’t want to miss this.

More on Kory. . ..

Kory Mathewson is an accomplished improvisational theatre actor from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He is a senior ensemble member of Rapid Fire Theatre, and also performs with Die Nasty, the Long Form Improvised Soap opera. Kory loves ultralong form improv having preformed in several 53-hour improvisational marathons in Edmonton, Canada as well as London and Liverpool in the Queen’s United Kingdom.

Kory is also an improv teacher; he is privileged to have been under the tutelage of Kieth Johnstone, Joe Bill, Susan Messing, Craig Cachowski, Joe Flahrety, Kevin Macdonald, Alistair Cook and Dana Anderson. Recently he collaborated with the University of Alberta’s School of Pharmacy on a curriculum based experiential learning module combining the skills of improv with professional communication in the health care sector. 

With nearly ten years of Theatresports experience, Kory’s pulls from collaborations with many incredible artists to find unique fun and novelty in every performance.

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