(This is us, we’re all like “Waaah where’s summer??)

by RobYn on February 26, 2012

(What a fun pup!)

BUT- we’re back in blogging saddle! That’s a start.

Next stop: summertime.

I’ve dug myself out of the no-snow we’ve had here in YWG to update about the things we have to look forward to in the coming months. Since October (last blog post . . .  never again. We promise.) we’ve watched a lot of movies, eaten a lot of holiday & regular food, and our favourite – played some really fun shows. We performed at Red River College’s Meltdown Week (What’s up NDC/EDC!) and at Shakespeare In The Ruins’ CHAUTAUQUA fundraiser cabaret (What’s up William!). Keeping with the theme, we’ll be performing at Money To Burn!, a fundraiser show for some really lovely people who lost everything & then some to a fire in their home (What’s up Alix & Jason!), and mid-march we’ll be doing a show for the Manitoba Association of Playwrights. More details as they’re made available!

Those wonderful CRUMBS are two shakes away from their 2012 European Adventure, and as the adage goes, when the CRUMBS are away, the OJ will play! We’ll be babysitting their Tuesday nights at the King’s Head Pub, part of the Free Laughs Series that goes on every Tuesday.

WHEW – so many things! I’m breaking a sweat over here! SPEAKING OF SUMMERTIME . . .

Outside Joke will be hitting the road in early July to tear it up at the Regina Fringe Festival! And you can bet your cut-off shorts we’ll be back in time for the Winnipeg Fringe Festival. We’re back at the Rudolph Rocker and we’ve got HILARIOUS plans for our posters & handbills this year.

Just. You. Wait!

Until Not Next October,


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