The OJ & CRUMBS Holiday Spectacular!

by Andrea on December 9, 2013

We did it last December, and we’re doing it again this December. Hot off the trail of their European tour, and we have demanded their time and attention. What better way to say goodbye to the year than to make jokes with our frientors (that’s friends+mentors), the CRUMBS?

For those who don’t know, Steve Sim and Lee White of Winnipeg’s improv power-duo, CRUMBS, have been supporting OJ since our humble beginnings, 11 years ago. We have learned by watching them perform, by hiring them to teach us perform and by performing with them. They’re also pretty swell people, so we like spending time with them, too.

OJ & CRUMBS would be delighted if you would join us at our year end show on Saturday, December 28, as a part of our OJ GSAC Season of Yuks. You’re in for a special treat, folks. Steve and Lee, possessing exceptional narrative skills, will live-direct OJ in one of our improvised musicals. We’ve never done this before. . .WITH ANYONE. We’re blushing and shy, but so READY. The second half of the show will feature another meeting of minds and bodies, as OJ joins CRUMBS for one of their signature Prairie Harolds.

Get your tickets early to avoid line-ups and devastations. Buy tickets online, come to the Gas Station Arts Centre on the 28th, and end the year like the comedy-champ you know you are.

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