Thanks, Winnipeg Fringe!!

by Andrea on August 11, 2016

13726612_1171843586199044_3324275462750795617_nHoooo dawggies! That was a busy Winnipeg Fringe! We all performed in two Fringe shows, sweat through our short shorts and drank our weight in iced coffees and Diet Cokes. Happy summer!

We moved from our long-time Fringe venue, the beloved Rudolph Rocker, to the Gas Station Arts Centre. The move to a bigger venue couldn’t have gone better. We were able to share our show with waaaay more people, we enjoyed the lighting wizardry made possible by the GSAC’s technician, Todd Drader, and we basked in the breeze of industrial strength air conditioning. We also bid a fond farewell to the young man, our musician, Leif Ingebrigtsen. He is now pursuing musical greatness in Edmonton full-time, and we are so proud of him and grateful that we’ve been able to work with him for as long as we have.

So thanks to all who supported us during the Fringe- you made our summer! We have much more in store for you all in our upcoming season at the GSAC, which starts in September! New collaborations, new artists, new hairstyles (maybe?). Stay tuned for details, and enjoy the rest of your summer!

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