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Outisde Joke is an improv force to be reckoned with …Laugh-out-loud funny, this is what improv is all about, sharp and hilarious, keeping us all in on the inside of the joke.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“I used to be a hater. An improv hater. Then I saw Crumbs, and I was an “everything but Crumbs hater.” Now, there’s Outside Joke and they’re taking long-form improv to a wonderful level that has me rethinking my haterness.

Get ready for fun story lines, unexpected physical comedy, and an intuitive soundtrack from one-man-band Leif Ingebrigtsen. If Outside Joke is the future of improv, then the genre is in good hands.”

Sarah Michaelson, CBC


“Every night is different, but Outside Joke has been building a reputation around the city for delivering consistently quality improv … The Outsiders started by asking the audience for a theme and from there, the troupe offered up an hour full of quality, high-energy scenes that didn’t once fall flat.”

– (A+) Uptown Magazine


Outside Joke entertains in the most joyful ways; smart, talented, and just wonderful artists to be with. Professional talent is rare and Outside Joke has plenty of both so they will be invited back to the Calgary International Improv Festival again and again.”

– Rick Hilton, Artistic Director, The Improv Guild


“Outside Joke blends the play and spontaneity of improv with the diligence and showmanship of musical theatre. Their anti-musical is so charming and sophisticated, that it must be seen to be believed. Outside Joke knocked my socks off!”

– Marc Rowland, Montreal Improv


“These six Winnipeg funny folks are allegedly quite the stars on the improv scene. You can see why … confident and cool, their song-improvising skills are impressive.”

– Winnipeg Free Press


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