Get Halloween-y with Outside Joke + The DnD Improv Show!

by RobYn on October 28, 2015

We’re just THREE days away from the first show of our season! We did a fun interview with The Manitoban about having our season launch on Halloween, and having The DnD Improv Show as our special guest to kick it off – here’s a snippet:

The decision to team up and launch the new season on Halloween is simple.

“We love a good party,” said [RobYn] Slade.

“It fits so well with the DnD Improv show’s aesthetic. Swords, cloaks, masks, fake blood. At the Fringe Festival, they offer a discount for audience members who come in costume, so it’s a perfect pairing for improv and Halloween lovers alike.”

CLICK HERE to read to full article.

Then freak out because a.) there’s probably a ghost nearby (they’re everywhere), and b.) you don’t have tickets yet! Then stop freaking out, because a.) you ain’t afraid a’no ghosts, and b.) you can call the Gas Station Arts Centre at 204-284-9477, and reserve yourself a stack of tickets for you and all your friends.

See you on Saturday!

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