OJ Treads the Boards!

by Andrea on January 29, 2015

Hello Winter Wizards! There are many ways to pass the cold months ahead:

1- Eating

2-Sleeping after eating

3-Spending time with family while eating


If you choose number 4, you’re in luck! Not only do the members of Outside Joke relish in the improv theatrical arts, we also enjoy a good ol’ fashioned scripted piece! We feel that improv strengthens our skills at scripted theatre, and scripted theatre makes us better improvisers- like a snake eating its own tail! Over the next six months, members of Outside Joke will be busy learning lines, songs and choreographed fight moves. Check it out!

Jane in Private Lives at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre- January 29 to February 14

Watch Jane light up the stage in this wicked comedy as a sassy French maid- she even plays piano and speaks French! Extra exciting: this is Jane’s RMTC debut! Click here for tix and more details about Private Lives, part of this year’s Master Playwright’s Festival, CowardFest.

RobYn in New Canadian Kid at Manitoba Theatre for Young People- February 4 to 13

RobYn goes against her sweet and kind nature and plays a big ol’ bully in this smart piece for young audiences about acceptance, immigration, racism, tolerance, conflict, resolution, and relocation. And get this: she speaks in a form of gibberish the WHOLE SHOW! Trust us: it’s totally awesome and it totally  makes sense. After the show closes on Feb.13, RobYn hits the road with it until May- holy guacamole! Catch it while you can- click here for deets and tix.

Toby in The Hound of the Baskervilles at Prairie Theatre Exchange- April 9 to 26

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about everything, Sherlock Holmes saunters in and brings us some good ol’ fashioned mystery. See Toby as Holmes’ trusty sidekick Watson in this play by the celebrated Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Click here to see a fun picture of Toby and to buy tix for his show!

Andrea in Bad Jews at Winnipeg Jewish Theatre (May 6 to 17) and Les Misérables at Rainbow Stage (July 9 to 24)

Andrea makes her debut on two local stages this season- fun! First, catch her as an innocent, sweet-faced girl in Bad Jews, a savage new comedy that was one of the top 10 produced shows in the US last season! Click here for tix and more info. Next, Andrea plays everything from French prostitutes to French hotel patrons to French factory workers to French street people as a member of the ensemble in Les Misérables. You’ve seen Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman do it- now watch Andrea do it! Click here for tix and deets.

There! We’ve solved the next six months for you. See y’all at the theatre!





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