It’s been too long, Fringe.

by Andrea on July 13, 2011

So Fringe starts today, friends, and we thought it might be fun to celebrate all this theatre, nice weather and socializing with some healthy indoor social media. That’s right, friends, Outside Joke has discovered the joys of the tweet and the blog. The aughts are behind us, and with them goes our relative collective inactivity on the web-o-spehere. Witty tweets! Self-indulgent blogs! Excessive updating! We love it all.

But mostly we love performing for you guys, and we want to write about it. Stay tuned for frequent blog updates during the Fringe, and you won’t be sorry. If you haven’t figured out how to set up your RSS feeder to send updates right to your internet toolbar, ask the Google.

To start us off, here’s a list of cute things that we did yesterday:

1)We appeared on HOT103 yesterday with Ace Burpee and Chrissy Troy! They were so sweetand even did a little radio improv about Santa and an elf in the Colosseum. Ace blocked Chrissy a lot, and everyone had some good laughs.

2)Toby put up some of our handbills inside the Fringe portapotties. Now you can relieve yourself while staring at a small, unmoving picture of an OJ member. That’s what you wanted, right?

3)We invented a fun game on our way to picking up posters where you combine names of second-rate, reality-tv shows- and we even made a “HASH-TAG” for it!! I told you we were getting web-savvy. Right now there’s only one on there. Please add another so I (Andrea) don’t feel like a loner-bozo. #realitymashup

See you tomorrow!

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