Fun facts about Outside Joke… according to Chadd

by Chadd on August 29, 2011

Andrea – Is more Mexican than Chadd is black, but looks pretty white.

Toby – Does a great impression of a cat.  Ask him to do the “hairball” bit, priceless…  No wonder he knows so much about birds.

Leif – Is the youngest male member of OJ yet the only one who can grow a beard.

RobYn – Is a Korean cartoon bus.  For reals!

Jane – Has an extensive collection of hats.  More hats than you can shake a stick at!  (What does that saying even mean?)

Chadd – Has never drank a cup of coffee.

One Response to “Fun facts about Outside Joke… according to Chadd”

  • Andrea says:

    I love this. I love this so much. I also love lists. I also love love. It’s the best thing in my life.

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