Cow Town!

by RobYn on October 7, 2011


We’ve been home from Calgary for a few days now, sleeping and unpacking and repacking and recharging for our upcoming trip to Montreal. We touched down in Calgary last Wednesday, and performed every night through to Saturday. It was amazing! There were MANY highlights from the whole trip, so I’ll break them down in a list. Outside Joke loves lists.


– Flying on airplanes!

The Hotel Arts. This is where we stayed, hung out poolside, and were treated to a level of comfort none of us deserved. Except maybe Jane.

– Snacks & beers & snacks & beers & snacks & beers.

– Performing every night. We did a fun anti-musical showcase about a couple getting married, the bride’s slutty sister, and a wayward priest. We had lies, guns, pools full of hot dog wieners, moments alone with God, and a lotta love.

We also did shows with friends from the Improv Guild (Calgary), our favourite pals from Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton), new buddies from Upfront Theatre (Bellingham, WA), AND …

– Colin Mochrie! Chadd shit his pants. We all performed in a jam night with Colin, as well as Roman Danylo. He was a real treat to watch. Funny, calm, calculated.

– Bonding. Nothing will bring you closer than traveling & bunking together. It’s wonderful!

– The Closing Night Hot Tub Party! That’s all we’re legally allowed to say.

Up next … the Montreal Improv Festival!




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