Announcing our 2016/17 Season!!!

by Andrea on August 22, 2016

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Photo clockwise from top left: Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir, Brett Owen, HUNKS, The Neighbourhood Watch


We are simply deLIGHTED to share with you the details of our upcoming season in partnership with the Gas Station Arts Centre. We have some majorly exciting changes this season, and some big firsts! To start off, this is the first season since our inaugural where we are employing a completely new lineup of artists. And they’re all from Winnipeg to boot! We will also be diving into some new comedic mediums- read on to learn the hawt deets!

September 24, 2016- OJ & The Neighbourhood Watch

We’ve watched for the past few years as this intrepid group of improvisational explorers has trained, grown and given us major belly laughs. The Neighbourhood Watch improvises a long form set about a fictional community that they fill with geography, history, and bizarre and loveable characters. It is with great honour that we invite this talented group of folks to share the stage with us.

BONUS: So many new improv groups have popped up in Winnipeg over the past year, and we’re so excited about this that we wanted to share one group’s work with you! As a special teaser set to kick off the show, we’ll present Them and the ThisThats– a young improv company you’re sure to fall in love with!

November 19, 2016- OJ & HUNKS

You’ve seen their five-star Fringe shows, you’ve seen them on stages around town, now it’s time to see them on the best night of your life. HUNKS blends video and live sketch comedy seamlessly in a show that alternates between tightly rehearsed wordplay, purely physical, highly stylized absurdity, and everything in between. We love these weirdos’ bizarro brand of comedy and their all-around positive attitudes in our community. Join us as we celebrate their hilarity!

March 25, 2017- OJ & The Fu Fu Chi Chi Choir

Have you ever wanted to see a group of witty sass-masters in house dresses sing original folk jams about drunk driving, american presidents, or massacred, tap-dancing nuns? We KNEW it! The Fu Fus have graced the stage at the Good Will Social Club, the Harvest Moon Festival, the Moose ‘n’ Fiddle Folk Festival, the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. This group of folksy femmes will join us for an evening of collaboration and hilarious squealing. OJ will join the ladies for some of their original songs, and the Choir will provide musical assistance for OJ’s improv set. We don’t even know what this will look like yet! Join us as we find out!

May 27, 2017- OJ & Brett Owen

Well, this will be truly terrifying! For the verrrrry first time, Outside Joke will plunge into the realm of contemporary dance! Brett Owen, company member of the celebrated Winnipeg’s Contemporary Dancers, is a talented, dynamic and trail-blazing choreographer and dancer. Think dance is all sad faces and outstretched arms? Not with Brett. He creates pieces that are as hilarious as they are expertly choreographed and performed- and he’s going to create pieces especially for this show! Join us as we ACTUALLY DANCE, and as Brett and his collaborators inject movement and dance into OJ’s improv set. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE WE’RE DOING THIS??? WE CAN’T WAIT!!!


All shows are on Saturdays, 8pm at the Gas Station Arts Centre, 445 River Avenue. We are pumped and honoured to continue presenting high-quality, professional comedy on our home turf. Comedy IS theatre!


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